Monday, January 4, 2010

Keurig Platinum Giveaway

I love entering giveaways. I love winning things otherwise I would not be able to afford. I also learn new products that I never knew existed. The only bad side of it is that it makes you want to buy things because of its great reviews. Most of my daughters' presents this Christmas are toys that are being reviewed and are giveaways but I did not win! Toys such as Leapfrog Zippity, Vtech Jungle Gym: Ride & Learn Giraffe Bike, and Leapfrog Tag Jr. (sounds familiar?) And now I have been wanting a Keurig Brewer. I have been nagging my hubby to buy me one. But I know we cannot afford it. That is why I'm so glad J.Leigh Designz is giving away a Keurig Platinum with 4 boxes of K-Cups to one of her readers. I'm really hoping to win this because I really want it! (that's what happens when you enter giveaways!) I've entered from other blogs but unfortunately did not win :( This giveaway ends 2/15.

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